Welcome to Harmonya, an expansive virtual world in which you are your own captain. Play, build and explore the vast amount of content offered while earning rewards for doing so. In this world, players will have the ability to travel between floating islands, explore the ever-expanding landscapes and connect with people from all over the world. Harmonya offers endless opportunities for players to discover new and enticing aspects of the world, and we are more excited than ever to deliver a roadmap that details just how we’ll reach that point.


Purchase, build and develop your very own plot of land as an NFT. Using resources found on various floating islands, players will have the opportunity to develop their very own plot of land, allowing for endless creative capabilities. Players will have the chance to earn from their holdings or relist what they own on Harmonya’s very own marketplace. These plots of land will be owned exclusively by those who purchase them and will allow for a home base within this expansive world.


The floating island atoll within Harmonya acts both as the setting of what is possible and also as the foundation on which the world itself will be built. The land players purchase, build, develop and thrive will be located on these islands. Traveling between each island will require an airship, which will fully allow players to experience the world of Harmonya in its fullest form. Each island will be a unique experience designed for the purpose of showcasing what Harmonya has to offer, along with giving players the chance to explore and discover exciting secrets, games, landmarks and much, much more.


A variety of play-to-earn games will be offered for players to experience. These games will give players the opportunity to earn from participating in them. The games themselves will be located on various islands and will allow for some extra fun to be had while exploring the rest of what Harmonya has to offer. There will also be a wide assortment of activities and opportunities, along with the chance to win rewards and prizes, allowing players to win even more.


HarmoToken is Harmonya’s very own token, used for purchasing in-game items such as airships, cars, characters and gadgets. Through the use of HarmoToken, players will have the opportunity

to immerse themselves in this world, and will be able to experience the various amenities, landmarks, games, developments and more that it has to offer. Players will be able to either use HarmoToken as an in game currency, or trade it on various marketplaces and exchanges.


Make sure to follow us to stay up to date on when you’ll be eligible to join the world of Harmonya. We are currently in the early stages of this project, and are excited to continually add opportunities for players to become part of it. As development furthers, we’ll update players on when they’ll be able to join. Make sure to check out our roadmap for more details on how the project plans to move ahead. We look forward to having you on board.


Follow us on social media and join our Community Feed to make sure you’re up to date on the latest news of Harmonya. This is where we’ll send out updates on how the project is moving along and post our progress. We’re incredibly excited about the world we’ve created and hope to have you along for the journey with us.